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Plastic Graphic prefers Macintosh formatted media. For all submissions, please label your disk(s) and identify which file(s) to use. Including unnecessary files makes it difficult to distinguish which ones are required. Remember to include all imported and linked files (TIFF, EPS) used to create the document.


Page layout:

QuarkXpress 7.3.1
Adobe InDesign CS4 6.0.4

PGC uses QuarkXpress 7.3.1
If you use a newer version of Quark, please send a Press Quality PDF.

PGC uses Indesign CS4 6.0.4
If you use a newer version of InDesign, please send a Press Quality PDF. Please do not submit Adobe PageMaker files


Adobe Photoshop CS4 11.0

Please save scans in CMYK TIFF format 300dpi or higher. If saving scans as EPS files, please save them in one-file DCS format not five-file DCS. If we are to scan your photo, please include a low-resolution FPO or stat indicating cropping preferences. We can scan transparencies or reflective art.


Adobe Illustrator CS4 14.0
Macromedia Freehand

Adobe Illustrator:
Save newer versions down to CS4 14.0 files in Macintosh EPS format. Convert type to outlines to avoid font problems.

Macromedia Freehand:
If you have Freehand, save files in Macintosh EPS format, converting type to outlines to avoid font problems or please send a Press Quality PDF.


Some Windows formatted media are acceptable. We prefer QuarkXpress, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Press Quality Adobe PDF files because they are cross-platform applications. Also acceptable are CorelDRAW and Arts & Letters documents exported as Macintosh EPS files. Before exporting, convert the type to outlines and save the document as a Macintosh AI.eps file. When saving, please select the highest version of AI available.

Windows applications we do not accept are Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Works, formatted word processing documents and presentation programs such as Freelance Graphics or PowerPoint.

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