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Plastic Cards

Security, ID, access, data collection or marketing... whatever your needs are in plastic cards, you can count on Plastic Graphic to meet them in an economical fashion.

These durable, easy-to-use cards double your impact and keep your customers coming back. Small run or large, we offer top quality, service and reliability featuring high quality vinyl core stock and hydraulically laminated mirror finish durability.

There are hundreds of ways that your cards can serve your business needs with functional features and at the same time, solve your advertising needs as a wallet-sized billboard.

These samples are just a few of our recently produced pieces. Let us know how we can help on your next project printed on plastic.

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plastic key card for hotels, motels, and resorts

Key cards

plastic gift card, Cabelas plastic preferred card, National City Mortgage plastic player tracking card, Club Sahara plastic rewards card, AirTran

Gift cards

Preferred cards

Player tracking cards

Rewards cards

plastic library card, Chicago Public Library plastic insurance card, Blue Cross Blue Shield plastic membership card reloadable plastic cards, Walmart Gameplay

Library cards

Insurance cards

Membership cards

Reloadable cards